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Mattress Cleaning Queens

At 1-800 Green Steamer, we take mattress cleaning seriously The reality is that you spend upwards to a third of your life on your mattress. That amounts to about 2,900 hours a year, which equates to approximately 120 days annually, or three months.

Significantly, the primary purpose of your mattress is to provide you a basis for sound, healthy sleep That is best accomplished when your mattress is in a clean, comfortable state.

The Need for Clean

A professional mattress cleaning service like 1-800 Green Steamer is a must if you want to maintain a healthy sleep environment and extend the lifetime of your mattress. The Wall Street Journal undertook and investigative report and revealed that within 10 years of purchase, a mattress ends up doubling in weight. Why the weight gain? Simple. With normal use, a mattress doubles in weight in a decade because of the accumulation of dust mites, dead skin, and detritus or waste.

Comprehensive Mattress Cleaning from 1-800 Green Steamer

The typical mattress presents a number of different issues when it comes to professional cleaning. The professional team at 1-800 Green Steamer is capable of thoroughly addressing all of these issue.

1-800 Green Steamer will address any unsightly stains on your mattress surface. No matter how careful you may be, a coffee spill or other mishap can discolor the surface of your mattress.

We will also address any smells that may longer with your mattress. A less than fresh smelling mattress is simply the result of age and use. However, our pros are able to address this issue and leave your bed smelling fresh and more appealing.

Our professionals are able to eliminate dust mites, dust mite waste, and other detritus that may be accumulated with your mattress. This not only makes your mattress healthier, but it extends its useful life as well. You actually save money by spending money on professional mattress cleaning.

Finally, through our steaming process, we sanitize your mattress. This renders it even healthier for your use.

Green Mattress Cleaning Services

We are committed to using environmental sound cleaning processes when it comes to your mattress, and all other services we offer at 1-800 Green Steamer. Not only is our cleaning process environmentally friendly, we do not needless add chemicals onto your mattress in an effort to rid it of contaminants. We leave your mattress clean and free of harmful chemicals when we complete a cleaning process.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

You may be like many people and desire a thorough professional house cleaning. Not only can be fully tend to your mattress, we also provide carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. We can provide our services for one low cost. We offer a 20 percent discount, as well as free pick up and delivery, on rug services.