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Area Rug Cleaning Queens

The area rugs in your home are more than just pieces of fabric lying on the floor. You must have spent a significant amount of time picking them out. Comparing the colors, patterns, styles, and materials is necessary to get the most suitable one for each setting. A rug complements the rest of your décor and adds to the charm of any room. However, unlike most of the pieces in your home, a rug has to endure a lot of punishment. Area rugs have to handle a lot of traffic as people walk in and out of the house or move around the rooms. For this reason, a rug can accumulate a substantial amount of dirt even when you implement strict policies like removing shoes in the house.

At 1-800 Green Steamer, we provide expert services for rug cleaning in Queens because our understanding of the roles that the area rugs in your home play is clear. If you have a delicate hardwood floor, you want the rug protecting in good condition. Our professionals have excellent training that gives them the know-how in cleaning any type of rug. Whether yours is an Oriental or Persian, large or small, modern or antique, synthetic or wool, we will give it the deserving attention.

Potential Damages

Understanding the destruction that your rug faces can help you protect it. The scale of damage is proportionate to the amount of traffic that a rug receives. The position of the rug will also determine the type of damage it faces. For instance, a rug in your bedroom will have to deal with moisture tracked in from the bathroom. Over time, too much wetness will cause mildew and mold to grow. If it’s in the living room, you have to consider the waste that people drag in from the outside with their shoes.

A rug that is in direct sunlight will face discoloration problems. If it’s close to a window, expect all the dust particles that blow in to stick to the rug fibers. These are all aspects that we analyze when cleaning area rugs. It is how we know the right products and equipment to use. If a rug has to deal with too much sun, then it needs sun protection.

How we do It

At 1-800 Green Steamer, we use the best brands of detergents and brushes. We take the rug with us for cleaning to ensure that the crew has all the resources available for each task. Rugs that need full immersion get a luxurious bath to preserve each fiber. You don’t have to worry about high water or power bills, and you get a 20% discount and free pickup and delivery. Contact us for rug cleaning in Queens and tough stains will be a problem of the past.